Jeroen de Jonge, MD, PhD (Netherlands)

Erasmus University Rotterdam

I am working as a consultant surgeon at the Erasmus MC Transplant Institute, department of HPB & Transplant surgery. I was trained in surgery in Rotterdam and attended an ESOT research fellowship at Kim Olthoff’s and Avi Shaked’s department at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA to study liver regeneration during A2A living donor liver transplantation. Now, my focus is on donor liver perfusion to increase donor organ utilization and reduce complications after transplantation. I have special interest in functional assessment of the liver during perfusion in the clinics, and novel techniques to expand the donor pool, such as decell-recell strategies to rebuild livers in the lab. Together with colleagues in Leiden, we started the Dutch Normothermic Regional Perfusion (NRP) program to salvage extended-criteria DCD donors, after being trained by Gabriel Oniscu and his crew. Our center participated as lead including center in Robert Porte’s DHOPE-DCD study to assess the effect of cold oxygenated perfusion on biliary complications. We can offer the whole spectrum of NRP, DHOPE and (COR)-NMP, depending on the need of the liver graft. Annually, about 90 transplants are performed at our center, among which 10-15 living donor liver transplantations.